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Snipeet allows companies to use its versed pool of talents to augment and supplement their existing teams with the Snipeet talent they need but don’t have.
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Snipeet Talents are experienced forward-thinking, professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, developers, marketers, business analysts, product managers, content writers, niche industry experts, and leading start-up founders, and more with vast specialized global knowledge.
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Create a Task
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Snipeet Bond
We use Snipeet bond as a form of financial protection, want learn more?
Driving efficiency and business transformation
Start-up and Small Businesses struggle to find the right talent at an affordable price to keep pace with the ever-growing new business demands. Snipeet provides the best talent to get the job done.
Build Amazing Teams with Snipeet talent
As people transition and projects evolve, Snipeet helps keep your business moving forward by providing highly qualified talents to get the job done. One size doesn't fit all, so we work efficiently to understand the goals and direction of each client to quickly fulfill their requirements with the right resources.

Snipeet goes beyond other staffing agencies with a wide range of solutions that will help you achieve business goals on target and within budget.

We operate on the verge of individual differences with a shared purpose. Our autonomous talents understand our core values and through each individual behavior foster and reinforce a creative, collaborative, and open culture. We believe in lifelong learning, team democracies, in being inclusive and diverse. All of which comes together to help see and do more which in turn brings valuable difference to the communities and the world.
Our core competency
Talent you can trust
Every individual on the Snipeet team has gone through a rigorous vetting process. We personally speak to every applicant to verify their identity, check references, and ensure they have the proven experience to drive your business forward.
How it works
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Make Request
Decide what type of Talent you need. Fill in the brief with scopes of work and duration of hire. define what competence Talent should have. Please remember, each piece of information helps to allocate the most suitable Talents.
Once we receive your request, supercharged by our vetting and matching platform we allocate the best Talent suitable with the desired pricing model.
After your validation, a bond is required up front to form a mutual contract. An invoice is issued, when paid, your Snipeet Dashboard will be credited. When the hire contract expires, you can request for bond refund. If by any chance you are unhappy with recommended talent, the Snipeet team will look into the reasons why then recommend a new Talent.
What's great about Snipeet?
We provide convenience by helping clients delegate tasks to the right talent to simplify productivity and team collaboration.
Keep up-to-date and on-the-go with our time tracker.
Track progress
We improve cost efficiency through streamlined communication, design to development timelines, elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market.
Cost efficiency
We're always here to help. Our support consists of real people who are available 24/7.
24/7 support
You can live chat with your talent and ask questions to get constant updates on the progress of your work.
Live chat
Sign a Snipeet non-disclosure agreement that establishes a confidential relationship with you. All sensitive information or trade secrets that we obtain during conversation will not be made available to any others.
Feel confident to share your project
Share files via the Snipeet client portal manage all business flow and operation.
All in one solution
Supercharged by our vetting and matching platform, task is delegated to the best talent specialists, so You get what you Pay for with 100% guarantee.
Pay for quality
Snipeet has everything. Real People. Real Results.
From start-up to small businesses, we have other services that may plugs seamlessly into your business. You can find out more here.
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Hire Talent
Hire Talent
Create a Task
Create a Task
Snipeet Bond
We use Snipeet bond as a form of financial protection, want learn more?
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